Clean-Room Laundered General Purpose Microfiber Towel

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Part of our NEW microfiber line! Detail Factory now offers a variety of high quality Korean microfiber for a variety of applications. All of our microfiber towels are clean-room laundered and individually sealed to minimize lint and dust.

This 16" x 16" edgeless towel is a perfect general purpose cleaning solution for all your basic needs. It features a double-sided design - one that's for scrubbing and one that's extra absorbent. It is durable enough to withstand hundreds of washings and only gets softer with each use.  

Recommended Uses:
  • Interior Cleaning 
  • Wax/Sealant/Glaze/Polish/Spray Removal
  • Buffing/Polishing Shiny Surfaces (chrome, mirrors, wheels, etc.)
  • Waterless/Rinseless Washing
    Size  16”x 16”
    Blend  70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide
    GSM  315
    Weave  Warp Knit Terry
    Edge  Edgeless
     Country of Origin South Korea

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